Nelson Artists

Studio #13


1. Mary Wood Cornog, Painter

133 Nubanusit Road, Nelson, NH

6/10 mile from intersection with Tolman Pond Rd., dark blue-gray house on left.

Mary Wood Cornog has happily returned to painting after several years away.  She takes her inspiration from nature, science, music, or whatever produces a vision.  The results range in style from realism to impressionism to abstract in compositions and colors uniquely her own.


Studio #14 (2 artists)

1. Frankie Brackley Tolman, colorful painter

43 Nubanusit Road (2nd Floor), Nelson, NH

I am constantly bowled over by the heartbreaking beauty of the world and am compelled to translate the emotional response that I experience (what Milton Avery called “the ecstasy of the moment”) to paint and paper.

Frankie's Studio  Alone 

 Video created by Bruce Barlow, 2011

2. Sienna Giffin, painter

43 Nubanusit Road (2nd Floor), Nelson, NH


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